How To Seek Fair Child Support

As part of your child custody case, you may also choose to pursue child support to help you provide for your family. Hanratty Law Group has deep knowledge of Nevada's child support laws. We can advocate for the financial needs of your child through this process.

What Do I Need To Do?

If you want to request financial relief, you must file an affidavit of financial condition ("AFC"), which is available on our downloadable forms section. An AFC is a financial statement that tells the court your income, monthly obligations, debts and assets. Our lawyers can help you complete this document.

In a joint physical custody arrangement, the court will review the AFC of both parties. The court will calculate child support by multiplying the monthly income of each party by the percentage corresponding with the number of children. After finding the amount of child support each party would owe, the court subtracts the difference and applies capping guidelines to set child support.

In a primary physical custody arrangement, the court will use the AFC of the noncustodial party by multiplying their gross monthly income by the percentage corresponding with the number of children. After determining the amount, the court will apply the capping guidelines.

How Do Courts Determine The Right Amount Of Child Support?

Child support is calculated according to the gross monthly income of each party. However, please keep in mind that Nevada child support and custody laws are in flux. For the most accurate information, you should ask your lawyer about how current laws can affect your case.

Before the court applies capping guidelines, the amount of child support depends on the number of children as follows:

  • One child requires 18 percent of monthly income
  • Two children require 25 percent of monthly income
  • Three children require 29 percent of monthly income
  • Four children require 33 percent of monthly income
  • Each additional child raises the total amount owed from monthly income by 2 percent

The court has the authority to increase or decrease child support according to certain circumstances. These factors can include the number of dependents, the special needs of the child, which parent provides health insurance, child care expenses, necessary expenses to benefit the child, the relative income of each parent and transportation costs.

Our Compassionate Attorneys Can Advocate For You

Our law firm understands why child support may be essential to you and your child's well-being. We are prepared to make your needs clear to the court and stand up for your family. You may contact us online at any time of the day or call our Summerlin office at 702-570-9287.

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