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What are your rights after a dog attack?

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2018 | Dog Bites |

Injuries can happen in an instant. You may have been on a relaxing walk with your dog, and in seconds you’re defending yourself and your pet from an angry and vicious dog. Even though the state of Nevada doesn’t have statutes regarding dog bites, counties and municipalities have enforceable laws.

If you or your pet suffer dog attack injuries in Las Vegas, you have rights under city law. Here are some essential points of the city code.

One Bite

The one bite rule stipulates that a dog gets a “free pass” for one occurrence of biting another animal or human, as long as the injury is slight. You have the right to report a dog’s assaultive behavior even though its owner minimizes its behavior.

Legal Penalties

Dog bites are surprisingly common in Las Vegas despite the many laws that hold owners liable for their pets’ actions. Once a dog has one reported bite on its record, another injurious act can land its owners in trouble with the law. After the first bite, the dog may get defined as a dangerous animal.

Owners of dangerous dogs have to comply with numerous city law requirements to get a permit to keep their pets. Dangerous dogs and their owners can have a permit revoked for another attack on another animal or person.

Owner Liability

The owner of a dangerous dog has a liability to the victims as well as to the law. If you’re a victim of a dog attack you have a right to compensation which can include:

• Reimbursement for medical bills

• Damages for pain and suffering or death

• Wages from when you couldn’t work due to injuries and medical appointments

In addition, you can be compensated for the injury or death of your own pet if they’re injured in the attack. Reporting injuries and seeking assistance are the best ways to preserve your rights.