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Representation for victims of dog bites

While most pets enrich the lives of their owners and manage to exist without causing significant harm to humans, some animals present real threats to people. Aggressive dogs can inflict serious injury and even kill victims who venture into their paths and, when dogs attack, their owners can be held liable for the damage they inflict. When victims of dog attacks work to understand their rights, they may recognize their options for seeking financial compensation for the harm that was inflicted on them.

The status of a victim in a premises liability lawsuit

When a Las Vegas resident is injured on the premises of another person, they may have a claim for their losses under premises liability law. Premises liability refers to the responsibility of property owners to keep their buildings and land safe for others. However, not every person who suffers an injury on another person's property will have a premises liability claim.

Truck manufacturer hit with $3.4M verdict for faulty brake

Shakespeare's Richard III is supposed to have lost his kingdom for want of a horseshoe nail, causing a soldier to die and a battle to be lost. A recent jury verdict in Las Vegas appears to have turned on the failure of an equally small part - a screw in an emergency brake mechanism.

Understanding divorce mediation in a Las Vegas divorce

When a Las Vegas couple decides to end their marriage, the spouses usually enter the process with an excess of emotional energy and a deficit of careful thinking. These tendencies often prevent a divorcing couple from engaging in any attempt to settle their differences without going through an expensive court battle. In order to aid couples in resolving their disagreements, many lawyers now recommend participation in a divorce mediation.


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