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Ways that a dangerous product may be deemed defective

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2018 | Personal Injury |

Defective products can introduce a host of dangers into the homes of victims who are unfortunate enough to acquire them. This post will discuss three of the ways that a product may be deemed defective and, therefore, subject to legal sanction if it causes consumers injuries. Victims of dangerous products may have rights to compensation for their losses and can seek the help of personal injury attorneys to prepare their cases.

A product may be defective if it suffers from a defect in its design. The design process happens before a product is put into manufacturing and a design defect is one that affects how a product will be made. The failure of designers to use safer design schemes may lead to product-based injuries and consumer losses.

A product that does not suffer from a design defect may be affected by a manufacturing defect. These defects arise during the process of actually constructing the products. If a problem arises on a manufacturing line, a product may emerge with a dangerous element that may impose harm on those who purchase it.

Finally, a product may be properly designed and safely manufactured and still be dangerous if it lacks the proper warnings to instruct users on its safe operation. If consumers do not know how to use an otherwise safe product, they may be subjected to injuries if the item malfunctions or performs its expected tasks in an unsafe way.

Design, manufacturing, and warning defects are all serious matters that can hurt consumers and cause life-threatening harm. These cases fall under the products liability theory of law and can be addressed with attorneys who represent victims of personal injury cases.