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Car accidents involving ridesharing drivers

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury |

Ridesharing has become an industry in the last few years with company names like Uber and Lyft becoming regular parts of the English vocabulary. Many drivers use ridesharing as way to make some extra money while they are in their vehicles.

Consumers benefit from ridesharing, too. When traditional cabs are not available or when they just need a quick ride, millions of Americans have turned to their smartphones to connect them to nearby drivers. As a result of all these drivers on the roads, many questions come up with regard to liability when Uber and Lyft drivers are in accidents.

Knowing if a ridesharing driver’s insurance will pay out on a crash will depend on whether they are actively engaged with customers. For example, if an Uber driver causes an accident with a passenger in their car, their victims may be compensated from their ridesharing insurance. Also, if the driver has connected with a passenger and is en route to get them, their ridesharing insurance will apply.

If, however, a driver has their ridesharing app open but does not have an active customer to serve, it is questionable if their ridesharing insurance will apply. In such cases, the driver may be viewed as a private driver and their personal insurance may be pursued.

It is inevitable that ridesharing vehicles will be involved in crashes on Nevada roads. Victims are encouraged to seek legal counsel from personal injury attorneys, so they can accurately and effectively pursue their damages from the appropriate parties.