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What makes distracted driving so dangerous?

Anyone who has driven on a freeway in Nevada has seen that cars can move very fast. Even the most sensible, economical family sedans on the market today can reach speeds that far exceed the state's highest posted limits. Fast-moving cars can be dangerous for those who must share the roads with them, but distractions can make speeding vehicles even more treacherous to other motorists.

Negligence is the basis of a dog bite lawsuit in Nevada

Not long ago, this blog discussed issues related to dog bite litigation when a child is the victim of an animal attack. These tragic incidents often leave victims with serious injuries and painful recoveries. The costs associated with a dog attack can be astronomical and victims can require ongoing treatment for their injuries and wounds.

What is community property?

When a Nevada marriage is celebrated by two committed individuals, there may be few concerns about what items of property are owned by the individual partners. Couples who live together and share may not be worried about whether their spouse is benefitting from their wages or using money from an inheritance to provide for themselves and the rest of their dependents. It is only when a marriage begins to break down and the partners wish to untangle their lives through divorce may questions regarding property ownership become relevant.

Standing by your side after a motor vehicle accident

Suffering a life-threatening injury from a car accident can be an isolating experience. As a victim works to recover from the physical trauma that the accident inflicted upon their body, they may find themselves worrying about matters related to their convalescence. If they supported a family with their earnings then they may worry about where the money will come from when they are out of work. If they were responsible for caring for kids or managing a home, they may have concerns over how those responsibilities will be met.


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