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Why would Nevadans pursue a ‘gray divorce’?

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2019 | Family Law |

Divorce has lost the negative stigma it once had for many people in Nevada. And, divorce is not just for the young or middle-aged. In fact, in what has been dubbed the “gray divorce revolution,” the divorce rate for those 50-years-old and up has increased twofold over the past three decades.

Many couples find that as the years go by, their values have changed, or they have simply grown apart in a way that makes them incompatible with one another. Of course, other reasons for divorce, such as infidelity or financial stress, have not gone to the wayside. When it comes to a gray divorce, the lynchpin, according to some researchers, is a decline in the quality of their marriage — that is, the ways in which the couple spends their free time with one another and how much happiness they get out of that time.

Whatever the reason cited for the divorce, it is important to note that family law issues those going through a gray divorce face are not always the same as those their younger counterparts face. While their younger counterparts may be concerned about child custody and support, financial issues are often at the forefront of a gray divorce. It is estimated that a divorced person who is 65-years-old or older will need almost 80 percent of the income that a married couple would have. This puts divorced individuals in a precarious financial situation. Thus, issues such as the division of retirement assets and spousal support are of primary importance.

As this shows, even couples who have been married for decades could one day decide to end their marriage. While there may be many reasons behind the split, what is important is that their divorce legal issues are settled in a way that meets one’s needs. Understanding the issues they face and what their options are can be essential to ensuring a fair outcome.