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What are some common risks for hotel guests?

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2019 | Premises Liability |

When you go to a hotel, you expect to have a nice stay. You do not expect to have an accident and get an injury. While hotel management works diligently to keep hotels safe for you, sometimes hazards are still found. You should take the initiative to be aware of them. You could not only prevent yourself from being hurt but you also could help prevent someone else from getting injured if you report the hazard.

There are some places and things in a hotel that pose the greatest safety risks, according to Acuity Insurance. One of the uncontrollable risks is the potential for assault. You cannot stop someone else from having the mindset to injure or harm you. You can take some steps to prevent it, such as locking your hotel room door and making sure to keep track of your key.

Some risks in your room include burns and bedbugs. Burns often result from using appliances in the room, such as coffee pots. However, they could also happen if the water is too hot. Bedbugs are hard to spot. You may not know you have been exposed until you have a bedbug problem pop up in your own home. Try to be aware and vigilant when using appliances and check hot water before stepping into it. You can check for obvious signs of bedbugs the minute you get into your room.

The swimming pool is also a hazard. Wet surfaces are slippery and could result in falls. There are also risks due to chemicals and electrical problems in the pool area. Make sure to follow all pool rules and enforce them with your family.

Usually if you are aware and pay attention, you can avoid many hotel hazards. However, that does not minimize the hotel’s responsibility to ensure you a safe place to stay. This information is for education and is not legal advice.