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3 must-dos after a head injury

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2019 | Personal Injury |

A traumatic brain injury is nothing to play around with. If you suffer a head injury, the only way to know if it is severe is to seek medical care in Nevada. Only professionals can assess and treat you to ensure that your injury does not get worse or lead to serious complications, such as death.

After a head injury, it is essential that first responders carry out three very important tasks, according to Forbes. These three things can help increase your chances of surviving without lasting issues from your TBI.

  1. Prevent hyperventilation

Hyperventilating is when you start to breath very fast, shallow breaths. You inhale less than you exhale. This causes an imbalance in the oxygen and carbon dioxide in your body, which can trigger additional health issues. When you have a head injury, you may start to hyperventilate or your body may naturally start to do it, which medical personnel need to prevent.

  1. Supply oxygen

Obviously, if you are having breathing issues or you are not breathing at all, it is essential to get oxygen into your body. Without the proper supply of oxygen, your cells die. This can be catastrophic for a brain that is already injured.

  1. Stop low blood pressure

Medical professionals must also keep an eye on your blood pressure. If it goes too low, this can lead to issues because your heart is not circulating your blood as it should. The worst case is that your brain will not get the blood supply needed, which will complicate the injuries.

In any situation where you have a brain injury, you need to make sure that you get medical assistance right away. Do not delay treatment. Brain injuries are very unpredictable. You may feel fine one minute and the next, you may be unconscious.