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Discussing the dangers of drinking and driving with teens

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Preventing teen drinking is a challenging task for many parents whose kids find themselves surrounded by the allure of Nevada’s nightlife. With constant advertisements from television, mobile devices and social media, impressionable teens may believe that drinking is a normal activity. The pressure to not only fit in but to gather some “likes” over the internet may cause some teens to turn to alcohol. 

Consuming alcohol that results in a hangover is not usually an enjoyable experience. Teens, however, might feel as though drinking is a way to assert their independence or to appear as important as the “reality” celebrities. According to the Mayo Clinic, encouraging healthy relationships with friends who do not consume alcohol helps prevent teenage drinking. Discussing the negative effects, severe consequences and risks of drinking and driving may help teens understand that alcohol is not worth it. 

Drinking and driving issues 

Understanding the reasons why a teen begins to drink may help in guiding them toward healthier alternatives or professional treatment. One out of four teens admitted to binge drinking in a study conducted by the CDC. As reported by American Addiction Centers, consuming five or more alcoholic beverages at one time is how the CDC defines binge drinking. Alarmingly, one out of four teens surveyed disclosed that they have ridden in a car with an intoxicated driver. 

Social media and drinking 

The dangerous downside of social media is streaming, where teens and young adults turn on a camera docked on a dashboard. The camera then captures the driver’s movements, usually while intoxicated. Sometimes, passengers in the car may send or read aloud text messages. They may also take pictures and post them online while the vehicle is moving. A minor distraction to the driver, however, may result in a split-second fatality. 

Non-judgmental discussions of ways in which teens could avoid drinking and driving distractions might help them feel more responsible. While some teens may not want to give up social media, understanding the dangers of alcohol may at least help them to take the initiative of finding a designated driver.