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4 tips for walking safely on the Las Vegas strip

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2019 | Personal Injury |

The Las Vegas strip lights up with almost blinding brightness. Drivers honk because others drive too slowly. Out of town, tourists and locals alike walk the streets, taking in the sights.

Walking on the strip may be the best way to see everything. However, with all the distractions, you might not see a car, or a car might not see you.

Pedestrian safety

The National Safety Council’s injury facts report shows that in 2017, motor vehicles struck and killed nearly 6,000 pedestrians. Seventy-eight of those occurred in Clark County. To continue taking in the lights and sights of Las Vegas, you may want to consider these following tips:

  1. Look both ways. Your parents taught you this rule when you were younger. Although walking may not be your usual mode of transportation, looking both ways before you cross a street could save your life.
  2. Do not text and walk. Do you ever see those commercials when a person looking down at a phone walks into a light pole? The action may make you laugh when you are looking at the television, but the same action might just put you in the path of an oncoming car. This concept has gotten so severe that the National Safety Council added it to its safety report.
  3. Do not jaywalk. Nevada statutes state every pedestrian crossing a highway must yield the right of way except when they are within a marked or unmarked crosswalk at an intersection. Fines for jaywalking are upward of $200.
  4. Be distinguishable. Think about what to wear before you go out. Wear light-colored clothes so drivers have a better chance of seeing you. Walk in well-lit areas or use a flashlight.

The laws of Nevada and Las Vegas are for your protection. If you were in an accident, you might be able to prove the driver was at fault. Witness testimony is essential. Depending on the location of the accident, you may be able to use evidence from CCTV cameras.