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What should I do if my Lyft is in an accident?

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2019 | Personal Injury |

Whether you use ride-sharing to help you get home from a late-night after a few drinks or you use it to get around Las Vegas while visiting, you expect a safe ride every time. However, Lyft drivers are only human, and humans make mistakes sometimes. If you find yourself in an accident in your Lyft, it is important that you understand the proper steps to take.

Hopefully, your accident is only a minor fender bender, and you do not suffer any injuries. In any case, you may follow the steps Lyft outlines for reporting any type of accident situation. This will help ensure proper handling of the incident.


The first thing you should do is contact emergency personnel by calling 9-1-1. This alerts the proper authorities and gets an ambulance at the scene if needed. You also need to report the situation on the Lyft app by looking for the Claims Customer Care team.

Follow instructions

The Claims Customer Care team will then guide you through the accident reporting process. If it is not an accident situation, you would report it to the Safety team, but make sure any actual collision goes to the Claims Customer Care team. This is the team that has the correct information on how to handle this type of situation, and reporting to the correct team will save you time and prevent frustration.

Accident definition

It is important before you act to understand how Lyft defines an accident. Essentially, an accident is a situation where there is some type of damage that the vehicle causes. It could be property damage or some other type of collision. Concerns about unsafe driving habits or something that does not involve a collision are safety issues only, even if there was a near accident.

Following the proper protocol when your Lyft has an accident may streamline the process of handling the situation. In such incidents, make a report directly to Lyft even if your driver says he or she will make a report.