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Awareness campaign highlights the dangers of distracted driving

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

By now most people in the Las Vegas area are used to see the ever-present signs of distracted drivers. Distracted drivers usually correct their lane positions suddenly, they delay their start at traffic lights when the light turns green and they can even be seen starring at their cellphones instead of focusing on driving, among many other signs. There is no doubt about it – distracted drivers are some of the primary dangers we all face on the roadways in America today.

Highlighting the danger of distracted driving

Fortunately, there are many people who are now aware of the extreme danger that distracted drivers pose on the roadways. Along with state laws directed at curbing distracted driving, awareness campaigns may be able to help. A recent news article noted that October is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

Similar to awareness campaigns about drunk driving, National Distracted Driving Awareness Month aims to highlight just how dangerous distracted driving can be and how it could impact your life. For example, the recent article noted that in one year alone – 2018 – over 2,800 people died in America in car accidents that were directly tied to distracted driving. Any traffic fatality is tragic enough, but distracted driving fatalities are entirely preventable, which can make such a fatality seem that much worse.

When Las Vegas area residents are injured in car accidents that were caused by distracted drivers, they may have legal options to explore. Pursuing a personal injury lawsuit may be a way to attempt to recover financial compensation, which can be used to cover the unexpected medical costs that oftentimes pop up in the aftermath of a distracted driving accident, among other expenses.