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The additional challenges faced in second marriages

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2020 | Family Law |

The happiest days in the lives of many Nevada residents and visitors often include the day the city hosts their weddings. Unfortunately, about 50% of these marital unions will end in divorce. For individuals who decide to try marriage a second time, the odds for divorce increases to 67%. Three out of four people married for the third time eventually divorce.

Past baggage

One reason for the high rate of divorce in second marriages is the unresolved baggage individuals carry into their subsequent relationships. Divorce is a devastating emotional experience that may make it difficult for individuals to commit their full hearts to their new partners. It may also become easier for people who have already gone through a divorce to give in when tough times occur during their second marriages.

Getting married for the wrong reasons

Individuals considering a second marriage should also be sure they are in the relationship for the right reasons. The attention of a new suitor following the failure of a first marriage can become intoxicating. These good feelings can sometimes lead to marriages that do not seem like such a good idea once the initial infatuation wears off.

Money problems

Money issues can cause a problem in any marriage. However, these problems can become more serious in second marriages when one of the individuals is responsible for spousal support or child support payments to a previous partner. A new spouse may grow to resent any financial distress he or she experiences as the result of the relationship with the past spouse.


Children are often the factor that keeps first-time marriages intact. However, the opposite is possible when a second marriage includes stepchildren. It is common for people to disagree about how to raise children. However, these disagreements can cause stronger emotions when a nonbiological parent becomes involved in the child-rearing process.

Marriage does not last for a lifetime for half of the couples who get married. Individuals faced with the prospect of divorce may benefit from a conversation with an attorney.