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How to reduce the stress of divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2021 | Divorce, Family Law |

Action is always more powerful than inaction, but it can cause stress in the short term. This is why taking action can be difficult to do, whether that’s getting out of bed to go to the gym or get out of a moderately unhappy marriage to file for divorce. To take action on anything that will cause stress and uncomfortable emotions in the short term, we must focus on the long-term benefit.

It is likely that filing for divorce is going to cause a few months of uncertainty and emotional turbulence. But if you do it right, it will secure a more positive and happy future for yourself and your children. The following is an overview of some ways that you can help to reduce stress when going through the process of divorce.

Let go of the past

Many people going through a divorce hold tightly onto the past, and this causes them much unnecessary pain. Whether you blame yourself or your divorcing spouse for the breakdown of the marriage, blame can be destructive. It can mean that you are spending a great deal of emotional energy on trying to figure out what went wrong. The fact is that the past does not define you, but how you react to what has happened is what can influence your future. Focus on what you can do now.

Refresh your environment

Old photos and other reminders of your marriage can create a source of pain. Just like a spring clean can feel uplifting after a long winter, consider having a post-marriage clean. Get rid of anything that does not make you feel good, and sell things of value to address any financial concerns that you may be having.

Even though you may be feeling stress right now, remember that being proactive is always better than avoiding your responsibilities. Make sure that you create a divorce strategy so that you have a bright future ahead of you.