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Older adult driver safety: 4 tips for driving as you age

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Everyone is going to age, and with age, there are changes that you have to expect. Some of the common changes that occur as you age include deteriorating vision, hearing loss, slower reflexes and other physical and mental changes.

It is important that drivers who are licensed take steps to be safe on the roads. While older adults usually engage in better, safer driving habits than younger adults, they can still be involved in serious collisions. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention put together several tips that can help drivers make sure they’re still safe to drive on the roads.

Aging up: Keep your license safely

There are several things you can do to maintain your license and be sure you’re still safe to drive as you age. Four things you can do include:

1.     Having your eyes checked once a year

Having your eyes checked annually helps you be sure that your vision is as clear as possible while you drive. As you age, you may develop a need for glasses or corrective lenses. You may develop cataracts or glaucoma. Treating these conditions may allow you to drive longer or know when to stop driving when it’s too dangerous to continue.

2.     Review your medications

The next thing to do is to review your medications. Have your doctor or pharmacist go over your medications and let you know if any could change your ability to drive. Certain side effects and interactions could make you drowsy, cause nausea or impair you in other ways.

3.     Get more exercise

To avoid reduced reflexes, something you can do is join an activity program. Whether you play a sport or just start walking and exercising more regularly, these actions can help you improve your reflexes.

4.     Get your annual physical

Finally, get your annual physical and follow up with any unusual symptoms you have. Good preventative treatments make a difference in your overall health.

These are four tips for driving more safely as you age. Taking care of yourself will help you be a better driver and make it less likely for you to get into a crash.