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What types of compensation can you get after a car accident?

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

If someone else’s negligence causes a car accident that results in serious injury, you may face a lot of expenses and hardships. Many common injuries after an accident can have long-lasting consequences that could affect your income considerably. 

If you suffered an injury in an car accident, you may be able to seek a remedy against the driver who was responsible. Here are some of the different types of compensation you can get after an accident. 

Medical expenses

Even if you have health insurance that will pay for some or all of your medical bills, the party at fault is responsible for the cost of your treatment. Your insurer may elect to seek reimbursement from a judgment award or settlement agreement.  

Pain and suffering

It is hard to put a dollar sum on the physical pain that someone experiences from an injury. However, a serious injury may entitle you to some form of compensation for the pain and suffering that you endured. 

Loss of income

If you were unable to work while you are recuperating, you can make a claim for your lost income. An injury that prevents you from working indefinitely may also give you grounds to recover your future lost wages. 

Victims who are struggling to deal with the aftermath of an accident sometimes delay in taking legal action. However, you have to take action within Nevada’s statute of limitations to avoid forfeiting your rights. Do not miss out on the opportunity to seek remedies that can help you cope with the challenges of what you are going through.