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What types of acts constitute domestic violence?

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2021 | Domestic Violence |

Unfortunately, many people in the Las Vegas area are subjected to domestic violence every day. Domestic violence can take place between intimate partners, family members or parents of a common child. It is important to know that domestic violence is not limited to physical abuse. The following are some other types of abuse that could constitute an act of domestic violence.

Spousal abuse

Spousal abuse is not limited to married partners. Those in an intimate relationship can be the victim of spousal abuse even if they are not married. Physical abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse and threats of destructive acts are all types of spousal abuse.

Sexual assault

Rape or sexual assault can take place between spouses, or others in an intimate relationship. Any forced or pressured sexual acts can constitute domestic violence.

Child abuse

Perpetrators of child abuse are not limited to the child’s parents. Parents, grandparents, stepparents or the significant other of a parent can all commit child abuse. Child abuse can be physical in nature, emotional in nature or verbal in nature.

Elder abuse

Elder abuse is another type of domestic violence. The senior citizen’s children, grandchildren, roommates or caretakers can all commit acts of elder abuse. Physical abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, financial threats and other forms of destructive threats can all constitute elder abuse.


Stalking occurs when the victim is so harassed that they fear for their safety or life. Even cyberstalking is an act of domestic violence.

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Victims of domestic violence should not lose hope. Help is available. Physicians, police and attorneys can all help those who are the victims of domestic abuse. Our firm’s website on domestic violence may be a useful resource for those who want to learn more about this topic.