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A medical report is essential for maximum insurance compensation

On Behalf of | May 10, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

If you are the injured victim of a motor vehicle crash, you have a right to seek financial compensation from the negligent party’s insurer and perhaps others.

Insurance companies can be difficult to deal with, but a medical report from your doctor can help you obtain a fair settlement.

Accident injuries

Even if you are the victim of a minor crash such as a rear-end collision, you could face serious injuries. Although some injuries may not present symptoms at the time of the accident, it is best to seek medical attention since underlying issues could exist.

Medical documentation

Of course, your wellbeing is the most important consideration in seeing a doctor. However, another benefit is the report the doctor will write describing the injury, the diagnosis and the treatment he or she recommends. It will also tie any injury you have directly to the car crash, an important point. It is not unusual for an insurance company either to discredit a claim or to offer a lowball settlement. This is where an advocate can work with the insurance company on your behalf and see that you receive maximum compensation. The medical report will be a valuable tool in achieving a positive outcome from the insurance negotiations.

Quick action

If you become the victim of a vehicle crash, do not hesitate to seek medical attention promptly. Many injuries, such as brain damage or a spinal injury, can become more serious down the road if not diagnosed and treated in a timely fashion. Furthermore, the longer you wait to see a doctor, the more opportunity an insurance company has for claiming that something other than a car crash caused your injury. The medical report is key to obtaining full and fair compensation.