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Who is liable for tour bus crash injuries in the Las Vegas area?

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Booking space on a tour bus is an excellent way to explore Las Vegas and its outlying areas. In most cases, these buses are safe and convenient, but an accident can still occur. 

Those injured in tour bus accidents often suffer severe injuries. The most pressing question these victims have is, “Who is liable for the crash?”

When you answer this question, you are prepared to begin the process of acquiring financial compensation (and closure) for your harm.

Examples of possible liability

Tour bus crashes can occur for many reasons. Sometimes, there appears to be no one at fault, and the accident may be deemed unavoidable. However, if you suffer injuries, it is worth the effort to look deeper into the cause of the accident. Three examples of possible liability for bus crashes include the following.

  • The bus driver. If drivers are intoxicated, distracted or otherwise negligent, it could mean they carry the fault for your injuries. In some cases, the driver could share liability with the bus company, as discussed below.
  • The bus company. The organization providing vehicles for tours must have reasonably safe buses. They must also ensure their drivers are qualified and licensed to operate their vehicles. They may be liable for your injuries if they fail in these requirements.
  • The tour provider. The company providing Nevada tours could hold or share liability if they fail to use a bus company with a good safety record. For example, if the bus company has already been cited for safety violations, the tour company could share a portion of liability for the crash.

Those interested in maximizing their financial compensation in the aftermath of tour bus accident injuries should learn more about the available options. Professional guidance can help victims determine if an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit will yield the best results.