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Be cautious around semitrucks

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Semitrucks transport goods all across this country. Without them, grocery store shelves, gas station tanks, and many other areas would be empty. Because of the size and weight of these trucks, the drivers who operate them must ensure that they’re doing so safely.

A semitruck smashing into a passenger vehicle can do a lot of damage. The occupants of that vehicle can end up with catastrophic, and sometimes, fatal injuries. All drivers should ensure they’re driving as safely as possible when they’re around semitrucks.

Semitrucks have a greater stopping distance than cars

A semitruck takes much longer to stop than a car. Because of this, drivers shouldn’t cut in front of semitrucks when they’re moving. Leaving at least one full car length of distance per 10 miles per hour of speed between your vehicle and the semitruck if you have to merge in front of the trucker. This means that you leave six car lengths of space if you’re traveling at 60 mph.

Semitrucks have large blind spots

The area directly in front of the semitruck and the area behind the trailer are blind spots for the trucker. There’s also a large one on each side of the rig. As a general rule, remember that if you can’t see the trucker, they can’t see you either.

Anyone who’s struck by a semitruck is at risk of catastrophic injuries. Medical care after this type of crash is imperative. Victims of these crashes can seek compensation from the negligent driver. This must be done quickly because Nevada law only allows two years from the wreck to get your case filed. Working with someone familiar with this type of case can help you to fight for the compensation you deserve.