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Dealing with an auto insurance provider after an accident

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2022 | Blog, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The aftermath of an auto accident in Las Vegas, Nevada, is stressful on its own without dealing with insurance providers. However, you will soon have to deal with them if you want to settle. Here are some tips to help you deal with an insurance provider after an accident.

Communication tips

Be polite and calm no matter how the adjuster treats you because you don’t want anything used against you. However, you don’t want to say too much or apologize since they’ll look for any reason to deny claims. Never start statements with “I think” or “It’s my opinion.” Only relay facts that you know are 100% without doubt.

Write down the name and phone number of the person you speak with and the specific company if they represent several. An adjuster may ask you details about the accident, but only give the basics of what happened, how and where it happened. You can refuse to give recorded statements because you legally don’t have to; they’re hoping you get tense and make errors.

Negotiating vehicle repairs

Before you choose a repair shop, get at least three estimates to determine if you should accept the offer. Research the value of your vehicle and the estimated repair cost to determine a minimum offer amount you will accept.

Photos aren’t always necessary, but they can go a long way in proving the extent of damage from motor vehicle accidents. If you don’t have photos of the vehicle damage, you may still take photos or ask the salvage shop to take pictures. Never accept the first offer because it is usually low as companies hope that you don’t know your vehicle value.

Some insurance providers are reasonable, but be prepared to go back and forth on offers. Once you reach a settlement for repairs, get the offer in writing to ensure agreement and understanding. If the provider keeps making low-ball offers, you may hire legal representation to negotiate for you.