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Have you been injured while traveling by bus?

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

While many people opt to drive themselves around Las Vegas and the surrounding areas, this is not the only form of transport out there on the roads. Children often head to school by using the bus service, and this applies to adults taking day trips or heading to work too.

When you utilize public transport, the responsibility to drive safely falls in the hands of the person employed to operate the vehicle. Most of the time, bus drivers do an exceptional job in making sure that their passengers arrive safely. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If you’re injured while traveling on a bus service, what options are open to you?

Negligent maintenance

Bus companies are legally obliged to ensure that their fleet is roadworthy. Passengers should not be expected to go without safety features, such as seatbelts in the case of school buses. Routine maintenance should also be performed on all vehicles that are tasked with carrying members of the public.

Driver conduct

Bus drivers are expected to transport members of the public, often dozens at a time, in a safe and responsible manner. Operators of public service vehicles should not work outside the working time hours designated by federal law. Driver fatigue is a serious issue, and it places passengers at severe risk of injury.

Distractions also significantly increase the chances of a collision, so they should be avoided at all costs. Just like other road users, bus drivers should not use their cellphone or engage in any other type of behavior that removes their focus from the road.

Bus companies and their employees owe a duty of care to their passengers. If you have been injured on public transport, be sure to assess your legal options.