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Tips for driving near trucks

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Nevada drivers regularly share the roads with trucks. This can increase the risk of a serious accident occurring. However, using these tips for driving near trucks can help keep everyone safer.

Avoid their blind spots

Huge trucks have numerous blind spots due to their size. When sharing the road with commercial trucks, it’s important to be careful and learn about these blind spots so that you aren’t caught in them. If so, it means the truck driver can’t see you.

Pass safely

If you’re driving behind a commercial truck and need to suddenly pass it, do so carefully. Always stay several vehicle lengths behind a truck to prevent a potential crash. If you must suddenly pass the truck, travel far enough ahead to make sure you have plenty of room to safely do so.

Stay far enough behind

It takes trucks much longer to come to a complete stop, so if you’re traveling too closely behind, your car could hit it from the back. This could result in devastating consequences and even death. When you’re farther behind a huge truck, it gives the driver the opportunity to see you where you would otherwise be in their blind spots.

Be aware of wide turns

Due to the large size and design, trucks make extra-wide turns. As a result, if a passenger vehicle is too close while the truck is turning and isn’t in view of the driver, a truck accident could occur. If you’re sharing the road with a truck, be aware of it at all times. Stay far enough behind and avoid cutting off the truck to allow it to safely make its turn.

Be patient at all times

Patience is definitely a virtue. This is especially true when you’re driving alongside a huge truck. Avoid getting angry, impatient or aggressive. Stay calm and patient while safely operating your car. Let the truck do what it needs to before you are able to proceed.

These tips can help prevent truck accidents and save lives.