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Who is responsible for amusement park injuries? 

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2022 | Personal Injury |

When temperatures rise and schools end for the summer, people want to plan fun getaways for their families. Amusement parks are popular family destinations. Between the food, the rides and the games, amusement parks typically have something for everyone. 

For most people, the worst consequences of a trip to an amusement park might include nausea from fast rides, sunburn or headache. Unfortunately, sometimes people suffer serious injuries at theme parks. Is the business ever liable when visitors get hurt? 

Did bad design, understaffing or negligence play a role?

To bring an insurance claim or file a civil lawsuit against an amusement park, you typically need evidence that they contributed to your injury. Opening rides when they don’t have adequate staff to keep things clean could be one way the park contributes to visitor injuries. 

Failing to properly maintain the rides or waiting areas could also lead to injury. A lap belt that fails or a railing that gives way could lead to severe injury. Sometimes, design issues are the cause of amusement park tragedies. Visitors who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol and those who openly disregard posted rules may not have as strong a claim as those who comply with all rules. 

There may be an insurance policy that can cover medical expenses and other losses your family suffers. In some cases, taking the company to court may be the only way to get compensation and force them to change the practices that led to your injury. Learning more about premises liability claims related to amusement park injuries can help you seek justice when a fun vacation becomes a nightmare.