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Are casinos responsible for customer injuries?

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Going to a casino is meant to be fun. You want to enjoy your time gambling, seeing friends and having fun in the city.

Unfortunately, if there are hazards inside a casino, there is a risk that you could get hurt. If you do, there is also the potential for the premises to be liable for those injuries.

Dangerous conditions? You could have a lawsuit

Premises owners won’t be liable for every kind of injury that happens on a property, but they may be liable if you are injured due to dangerous conditions that were not mitigated or removed.

For example, if you are electrocuted because you step on an unshielded, broken line on the floor, it would be reasonable to state that the casino should have covered the electrical lines and prevented those injuries. Similarly, if you slip and fall as you walk across the floor because it was freshly waxed, you could have a case if the owner knew that the floors were now slick and creating a hazard.

Proving that a casino is responsible for your injuries

There are some steps to take to prove that the casino is liable for any injuries you suffered. You will need to show that:

  • There was a hazard present on the property.
  • The owner or manager knew about (or should have known about) that hazard.
  • The accident occurred due to the hazard.
  • You have an injury as a result of the hazard.

Remember, the property may try to argue that you are partially at fault for an accident to avoid paying. However, since Nevada is a modified comparative fault state, you just need to show that the premises is 51% or more responsible for the accident to get compensated.

If you’re injured in a casino, get to know your rights

Any time you suffer injuries, it’s important to learn more about your rights and the steps you can take to get compensated. If you let the property owner know you were injured and sought medical care, keep that information ready as you look into further legal options to pursue for compensation.