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Personal injury damages: How much should you expect in lost wages?

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2022 | Personal Injury |

You are probably aware that you can claim lost wages in your personal injury claim if your injuries prevent you from working.

For instance, you may be out of work for six months recuperating from a broken leg. In such a case, calculating your lost wages and work benefits for that period can be easy since you have all the information you would need.

However, some injuries are permanent, with lifelong effects. Given the many variables in such a case, it may not be easy to arrive at a solid figure for your lost wages.

Understanding lost wages in your claim

Lost wages cover the present and future earnings missed due to your injuries. You may also be entitled to the difference in wages if your injuries allow you to work in a lower-paying job.

When calculating the future expected income, several factors are considered, such as your potential for growth in your career, your age and health. All these can help extrapolate a reasonable amount you would have earned were it not for your injuries.

Evidence is key in proving lost wages

First, your inability to work must be backed by medical evidence showing the extent of your disability, how it affects your working ability, and the duration you are expected to be out of action.

A lost wages claim must also be verifiable. Therefore, it is crucial to have the necessary documentation, like paychecks or a letter from your employer confirming the earnings you would have drawn had you remained on the job.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve

Knowing the damages you are entitled to and ascertaining their value can help protect your interests in a personal injury claim. You can maximize your payout by avoiding lowball offers during settlement negotiations if you know what your claim is worth.