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Can you sue if you’re injured at Topgolf?

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Topgolf is a destination for bored teenagers and executives alike. This technologically-advanced chain of driving ranges has facilities all over that people pay a premium to utilize. The customers often don’t consider the risks involved at such a facility.

Even though the company has you sign a liability waiver when you first arrive, you may not understand the potential for injury until someone knocks out one of your teeth with an errant swing. There are many attractions and entertainment venues that involve some degree of risk. Driving ranges are far from the only sports or entertainment facilities that have to worry about liability.

From trampoline carts to go-kart tracks, there are many ways for people to get hurt at the places they visit for entertainment and fun. Most of these businesses carry sizable liability insurance policies, but they also require that all of their customers sign liability waivers. Will a form that you signed absolving the company of liability prevent you from getting compensation for that lost tooth or another injury with financial consequences?

Liability waivers have massive loopholes

For the most part, liability waivers do very little other than to deter frivolous lawsuits. People may have a harder time bringing a claim when their mistakes contribute to their injury, but even then, the company could have some liability as well.

When there are issues with staff behavior or facility maintenance, individuals can still bring a claim against the company despite signing a waiver. Someone hurt when a piece of equipment breaks or when a staff member fails to intervene may have grounds to bring a claim against the company itself or its insurance policy.

Fighting against a waiver is an uphill battle

While many people hurt at attractions and entertainment facilities may have grounds for insurance claims or even personal injury lawsuits, the process of getting compensation is still complex. The waiver that you signed won’t prevent you from getting compensation, but it does complicate the situation.

There are many potential pitfalls, and only the right support during your claim or lawsuit will improve your chances of success. Understanding when you may have the right to file a personal injury claim could be the first step on the path toward compensation.

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