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3 tips for driving in foggy conditions

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Most people can’t limit driving to only times when the weather is clear. Knowing how to drive in other conditions helps to ensure you can safely reach your destination.

Some early morning commutes occur in fog. It’s also possible to be foggy at other times of the day. Consider these three tips for driving through fog

Leave early and plan a safe route

You should ensure you take your time when you have to drive in the fog. Leave home early and try to drive on a familiar route if you can. Being on a familiar road may be beneficial because you can anticipate things like curves. 

Always use low-beam lights

Always use low-beam lights so you can see and other drivers can see you. High-beam headlights can cause a bad glare when they hit the water droplets in the fog. 

Respect other vehicles’ space

Driving too fast and following too closely in fog can lead to crashes. The limited visibility means that drivers who already have difficulties seeing when they drive may not be able to see much. One way you can help other drivers to see you is to turn on your hazard lights. It may be easier for them to see the flashing lights. 

Anyone who’s injured in a car wreck should ensure they get the medical care they need. This can be costly, so they may want to seek compensation for those medical expenses and for other financial damages they’re dealing with. Nevada has a two-year statute of limitations for personal injury claims, so be sure to act before the time limit expires if a negligent driver injures you.