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3 things that can make your car journey safer

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When people talk about having an accident on the roads it obscures the fact that someone usually has to do something wrong for a crash to occur.

While most crashes are not intentional, they are usually due to negligence rather than pure chance. Doing the following three things can reduce the chance that you cause a collision.

1. Planning your route

You should always plan your route and set up your satnav before moving. A driver who tries to work things out while on the move will spend vital seconds plugging information into the satnav and reading the screen – during which they can’t give the road their full attention.

2. Eating before you leave

Many people use their drive time to catch up on eating and drinking. Early morning commuters may grab an extra half hour in bed rather than have breakfast before setting off. An employee with an hour for lunch may use the time to drive to the mall, rather than sit down at a table and eat. They figure that they can just eat and drink as they drive. While they can, it requires them to keep at least one hand off the wheel and on the food or drink, thus reducing their ability to steer their vehicle. The safest option is to eat and drink either before or after your trip.

3. Setting up the vehicle

Another way people try to save time is by setting up the vehicle once they are already on the move instead of doing it before turning the key to start. They move their seats and set the mirrors while driving. While each of these tasks can usually be achieved pretty quickly, it only takes a second to miss something and cause a crash.

Taking these precautions will reduce the chance you have a crash. If you get caught up in one someone else causes, don’t buy their claim that it was an accident. Instead, try to work out where negligence lies with the help of the appropriate legal guidance.