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What’s the problem with listening to music while running?

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2024 | Personal Injury |

If you like to run, you might also like to listen to music while you do so. It can be a great way to keep yourself motivated or take your mind off the pain or the monotony of a dull stretch of road.

The problem is that listening to music can make running more dangerous.

It blocks out other sounds

It’s not the fact that you are listening to music so much, as the fact that you will probably have headphones in to do so. Playing any sound directly into your ear reduces your ability to hear what is happening around you. 

So if you were listening to a podcast, a play or your phone messages, the very fact you were piping them directly into your ear would mean you are less likely to hear something that could endanger your safety, such as an approaching vehicle or someone on a bicycle ringing their bell to warn you they are approaching.

It may also distract you

Whatever you are listening to can also distract you cognitively. Music in particular has the ability to make you forget where you are. You can lose all sense of time and place when listening to a good tune. That could make you completely miss the fact the light to cross is on red, or even make you forget that there is a road ahead. You might just keep on running straight out into the path of a car.

If a car hits you while you are running with headphones it does not necessarily mean it is your fault. Yet, the driver and their insurer may seize on the fact you were wearing headphones to suggest it was. Getting help to pinpoint what the driver did wrong will be crucial to counter their claims and get the compensation you will likely need.