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Dog Bites

Should you run from an aggressive dog? 

Dogs are a key part of the family for millions of people across the States. For the most part, these animals are loving, friendly and a pleasure to be around. However, it is important to remember that they are animals at the end of the day and they respond to things...

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Holidays are stressful for pets, too

The holidays tend to be times when families try to spend time together. For your family and friends who own dogs, they may include their furry friends in holiday get-togethers. Dogs can be cozy creatures when it’s time to snuggle by the fireplace, but they can become...

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Different types of dog bites

Many premises liability claims in Nevada are filed due to dog bites, but the severity of an injury can range significantly. There are actually several types of dog bites that are the basis for these personal injury cases, as some are merely superficial wounds while...

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The basics of dog bites

People generally agree that sustaining a dog bite is unpleasant. Obviously, most people also try to avoid dogs that bite. There is less consensus, however, when it comes to proving fault and receiving compensation in the case of a dog bite injury. Laws regarding dog...

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