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What factors will Nevada courts consider in child custody cases?

When a child's parents are divorced or are no longer in a relationship with one another, decisions will have to be made regarding child custody. It is important that, absent abuse or neglect, a child should be given the opportunity to form a meaningful relationship with both of his or her parents. For this reason, there is a presumption under Nevada family law that joint custody is in the child's best interest.

Why would Nevadans pursue a 'gray divorce'?

Divorce has lost the negative stigma it once had for many people in Nevada. And, divorce is not just for the young or middle-aged. In fact, in what has been dubbed the "gray divorce revolution," the divorce rate for those 50-years-old and up has increased twofold over the past three decades.

New Year brings changes to tax laws affecting divorce

In December 2017, Congress passed a major tax bill that is set to take effect starting January 1, 2019. Certain parts of the tax bill may affect those in Nevada who are looking to divorce. Therefore, it is important to understand how these new tax law provisions differ from current law and what this means for divorcing couples.

Nevada parents can help their children thrive post-divorce

When parents in Las Vegas divorce, one of their primary concerns may be how the divorce will affect their child. They will want to make sure their child feels safe, happy and loved despite the failed marriage. There are many steps parents can take to ensure that their child thrives post-divorce.

Understanding when spousal support may come to an end

Spousal support can be an important part of a divorcing party's financial future. As it is intended to provide a Las Vegas resident with the money they need to start their life as a single person and prepare themselves to become self-sufficient, spousal support is often needed by many to get their post-divorce lives on track. However, not all forms of spousal support last forever. Recipients of spousal support should understand when it may end.

What is community property?

When a Nevada marriage is celebrated by two committed individuals, there may be few concerns about what items of property are owned by the individual partners. Couples who live together and share may not be worried about whether their spouse is benefitting from their wages or using money from an inheritance to provide for themselves and the rest of their dependents. It is only when a marriage begins to break down and the partners wish to untangle their lives through divorce may questions regarding property ownership become relevant.

Legal support and guidance for your Nevada divorce

When a marriage begins to unravel, a person may be left in a world of uncertainty. The relationship that they vowed would last forever may be crumbling around them and they may be unsure of how to protect themselves and their kids. Divorce is hard on people and can force them to confront issues that are difficult and unpleasant.

What is spousal support?

The end of a Nevada marriage can be traumatic on the parties. As they work to sort out the important matters of deciding who will take what property and where their children will live, they may feel the stresses that come with losing the financial security of breaking up a marital relationship. This can be especially true for individuals who stop working when they get married to raise their families.

Understanding both legal and physical custody pursuant to divorce

Ending a marriage is difficult on the partners who have chosen to break their legal relationship. However, it's especially hard on their kids. All across Nevada and right here in Las Vegas families are doing their best to normalize their lives in the wake of divorce and separation. Bringing order to children's lives after a divorce can greatly depend on how custodial matters are organized by their parents and the court.


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