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What is the attractive nuisance doctrine?

One of the main foundations of premises liability law is determining what duty of care a property owner in Las Vegas owes to their guests. In general, short of actually causing harm to you, a property owner cannot be held liable for injuries you or any other adult may sustain while on their properties. Yet does the same standard apply to your kids? While kids may be told that they are not to go on to another's property, there may be times when particular features of a property may be too enticing for them to avoid. This is when the attractive nuisance doctrine comes into play. 

What are some common risks for hotel guests?

When you go to a hotel, you expect to have a nice stay. You do not expect to have an accident and get an injury. While hotel management works diligently to keep hotels safe for you, sometimes hazards are still found. You should take the initiative to be aware of them. You could not only prevent yourself from being hurt but you also could help prevent someone else from getting injured if you report the hazard.


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