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How To Change Your Name As An Adult

Our firm recognizes that you may want to change your name for a variety of reasons. In some cases, adults wish to change their name due to another preferred spelling, a divorce, a gender transition, honoring a lost loved one or legally adopting a nickname. Regardless of your reasons and circumstances, an attorney at Hanratty Law Group can help you seek a new legal name.

How To Request A Legal Name Change

In Clark County, a person over the age of majority may petition the court to legally change their name by submitting a verified petition that conforms to the requirements set forth in Nevada Revised Statute 41.270.

This petition must state the specific facts set forth requesting the name change, including prior felony convictions and the reason for the name change. Through these details, the court primarily checks for reasonable signs that you are not seeking a name change to escape penalties for a crime. If a name change is referenced in the decree of divorce, you will not be required to undergo procedures outlined in Nevada Revised Statute 40.270.

In addition to the verified petition, you must provide a notice for publication. After filing the verified petition and notice, the petition must be published. After completing publication, an order is submitted to the court with proof of publication. Thereafter, the court will either deny or grant the name change.

Get Legal Assistance For Your Name Change

Our lawyers can help you complete these documents and express your wishes to the court. We may also represent you if the court challenges your request. During this period of personal change, working with a Summerlin attorney may relieve any stress or obstacles you might face. Call our family law firm at 702-570-9287 or contact us online for more details.