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What You Need To Know About Nevada Alimony

One of the most anxiety-producing aspects of divorce is wondering how your lifestyle will change. How will the divorce change your day-to-day living? The most pressing questions are often whether or not you will be able to stay in the same home, have sufficient health care, take trips, be able to maintain your daily routines and take care of yourself.

At Hanratty Law Group, our attorneys understand these worries. We offer seasoned guidance in all divorce matters including marriages that have a history of violence, abuse or manipulation.

How Alimony Is Determined In Nevada

Alimony is the money that one spouse pays to the other during and after a divorce. Either spouse can pay or receive alimony payments. In Nevada, there are two types of alimony: temporary and permanent. In some cases, rehabilitative alimony is an option.

We can advise you on the type of alimony your situation warrants and ensure that an appropriate amount of support is determined. There is no specific formula in Nevada for determining alimony. Instead, both parties can come to an agreement outside of court as to what is fair and equitable. If an agreement cannot be made outside the courtroom, the court will make the decision.

What Affects Nevada Alimony?

While there are many variables that can affect the amount and length of time alimony is paid, there are some common factors used to determine what is fair and equitable. These include:

  1. How long you were married
  2. The careers you both had before the marriage
  3. Your education, skill and job potential
  4. Your health, mental and physical
  5. How much money and assets are in the marriage and are owned individually

At Hanratty Law Group, we represent all types of people who are going through the divorce process. We understand that each marriage and each divorce is different. We are dedicated family law attorneys who temper our representation with compassion.

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