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Paternity relates to children born out of wedlock and sets forth legal rights and the obligations of the biological parents. Nevada has established several statutes related to paternity to ensure that each parent has a chance to claim equal rights to their children. At Hanratty Law Group, you can find trusted answers to your questions regarding parental status.

Why Establish Paternity?

A parent-child relationship exists between every child and every parent, regardless of the marital status of the parents. Confirming paternity can preserve a child’s right to inheritance, the right to be covered by the father’s health insurance, potential access to important health information and a sense of identity based upon each parent’s side of the extended family.

A father’s rights are based upon certain factors, including paternity being established (DNA testing), affidavit of paternity or a father’s name being listed on a child’s birth certificate. Our firm knows how important custody can be for children as well as their parents.

We are ready to represent either parent in pursuing custody rights and/or child support.

How Does A Court Determine Paternity?

A man will be presumed the father of a child under certain circumstances such as the following:

  • The parents were married within a particular time period of the birth.
  • The parents cohabited for six months before and through conception.
  • A paternity test suggested that the man is the natural father with at least 99% certainty.
  • Affidavit of paternity.
  • A parent’s name listed on a birth certificate.
  • An acknowledgement of paternity was signed by both parties.

If you are the natural father of a child and you are not married to the natural mother, it may be in your best interest to file an action with the court to establish and/or enforce your paternal rights. We can guide you through this process with clear legal advice.

What Will This Process Involve?

To commence an action to establish paternity, you must file a petition for determination of paternity. With this petition, you can seek a paternity test, custody, visitation, surname change and/or child support.

If both parents agree on all terms related to the minor child, a decree of paternity may be submitted to the court. However, if the parents disagree as to custody, either parent can seek a final determination by the court. Your attorney can advocate for you through paternity and subsequent custody proceedings.

Once paternity is determined, you can amend the minor child’s birth certificate to reflect the names of both biological parents. Our family law attorneys can help streamline this step.

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Our firm is dedicated to helping Summerlin and Las Vegas families find solutions that benefit their children. We can support your case with our strong legal experience. For a consultation, call 702-570-9287 or send us an online message regarding your desire to assert your rights as the father of your child or to confirm the legal identity of your child’s father.