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Can I Sue If I Signed A Waiver?

Many companies use waivers to protect themselves from liability, but they aren’t ironclad. There are scenarios where a vacationer may receive injuries beyond what the waiver covers. However, to understand where you stand after an injury, you need to speak with a skilled attorney.

At Hanratty Law Group, we are dedicated and compassionate attorneys. We are a family-owned firm, and we treat our clients like family. Your injuries may have built a significant financial and emotional burden, but we want to help you shoulder it.

Three Reasons That Waiver May Not Hold Up

While the act of signing a legal waiver means you take on some risk to your person, the risk you take on isn’t endless. There are limits and ways that a waiver may not hold up to scrutiny, including:

  • Insufficient legal coverage: the language of the waiver you signed did not match the risks and injuries you received. Like any other document, a legal waiver is only as good as its language; a thorough review may find weaknesses.
  • Third-party actions: A legal waiver covers the business that asks you to sign it. It does not absolve other visitors of liability at all, so you may have a case if you receive an injury because of something someone else did.
  • Gross negligence: The theory of a waiver assumes that the company is doing its job and providing good faith protections. If an employee or the company ignores all duties to protect its clientele, the waivers may not apply.

However, pursuing a company you have signed a waiver for is a complex issue, and you deserve a firm behind you the whole way. That’s why our clients choose us.

Pursuing Businesses For Your Injuries

Throughout Las Vegas, residents and visitors sign waivers to do any activities. Some businesses that are highly dependent on the strength of this business model include:

  • Topgolf
  • Vegas Superkarts
  • Trapeze Las Vegas
  • SkyJump at the Strat
  • Skydive Las Vegas

Many of these businesses offer thrill seekers opportunities to push the limits of their experience. However, they also put people at risk. Topgolf, for example, has increasingly seen an uptick in clients with injuries from golf balls.

Taking On Complex Matters With Confidence And Strength

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