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Fighting Against Defective Products For Consumers’ Safety

Consumers encounter hundreds of products in the course of a day. The tools you use on a daily basis, your children’s toys, the tires on your vehicle, food that you eat from fast-food restaurants and your child’s stroller are all consumer products. These products exist to make your daily activities more manageable, but they should not cause a risk of serious injury to you or your family.

Too often, the manufacturers and distributors of such products are more interested in making profit and not in making these products safe for ordinary use. For that reason, consumer protection laws hold the manufacturers and distributors of such defective products liable for injuries caused by the dangerous and defective products. Hanratty Law Group is experienced with these products liability cases.

Building Successful Lawsuits Against Companies

When hurt by a seemingly safe product, you can pursue justice for your injuries. Our skilled attorneys can give you a detailed analysis of the facts of your case. By hiring experts to evaluate the reasons for your injury, such as a design flaw or manufacturing defect, we could strengthen your personal injury claim.

The attorneys at Hanratty Law Group are prepared to handle any and all types of product defect claims, including:

  • Dangerous pharmaceuticals, including recalled pharmaceutical drugs;
  • Defective car parts and accessories, which often lead to an auto accident, such as tire tread separation, seat back failure, defective braking systems, air bag malfunctions or seat belt malfunctions;
  • Defective child and infant products, including bassinets, pacifiers, baby bottles, baby toys, strollers, cribs and other items intended for use by young children; and
  • Malfunctioning appliances or heavy machinery.

In a defective products case, our lawyers immediately begin a thorough investigation. We can enlist various industry and medical experts to analyze the facts. They may be able to find evidence of poor design or assembly issues and fully analyze the extent of the damage. This expert opinion may suggest whether the manufacturer should have been aware of the product’s potential for danger.

Contact Our Firm For Your Products Liability Case

As a consumer, you have rights that our lawyers aim to protect. You do not need to suffer the consequences of a company’s error. Your pain, medical costs and lost wages may be a direct result of the company’s negligent behavior, which means fighting for compensation could be in your best interest.

Retain a steadfast legal advocate from Hanratty Law Group at 702-570-9287. If you prefer to contact us through email, please complete our intake form. Our lawyers will handle details for you and work to minimize any stress in your case to promote your recovery.