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Children Who Are Bitten By Dogs

Dogs can be wonderful friends to children. However, they can also be extremely dangerous. Because children are so much smaller than adults, they are at much greater risk for head and neck injuries in a dog attack, which can cause significant damage. At Hanratty Law Group, we know about the particular challenges that come with dog attacks involving children, both physical and financial. We will ensure that your child gets the appropriate medical attention while striving to get the needed compensation to cover all expenses.

A Long Recovery

Dog bite trauma to a child often goes far beyond what adults experience. When a dog attacks a child, disfiguring injuries are much more common. This can include facial lacerations, scarring on the neck and upper abdomen, and other wounds. These injuries frequently require multiple surgeries, including cosmetic reconstruction as the child grows older.

Lasting Damage

Unfortunately, children often experience trauma that goes beyond the initial injury. Being attacked as a child can lead to a lifetime of anxiety and PTSD, which must be addressed through ongoing therapy and treatment. The physical scars left behind by such an attack can also provoke social consequences at school. Stigma often follows the childhood victims of dog attacks.

Because of this, we push for the largest settlement that our clients can possibly receive. The links between dog bites and child trauma are strong and clear. Parents need resources to counterbalance that.

Owner Negligence

Dog bites typically fall under homeowners insurance, as dogs are considered property by Nevada law. While an owner can sometimes avoid liability the first time their dog bites an adult, that isn’t always true in the case of a child. Leaving a child alone with a dog is sometimes enough to be considered legal negligence. The facts of each case are different, so you will want to consult our lawyers with any questions.

Serious Injuries Need Serious Representation

Dog bites and children are a scary combination. If your child was bitten by a dog, please contact our attorneys to find out what your options are for recovering compensation. You can reach us through our online form, or else by phone at our office: 702-570-9287.

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