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As A Pedestrian, Were You Struck By A Car?

Pedestrians hit by cars and buses often have little chance of walking away without suffering catastrophic injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage or broken bones. Sadly, many of these pedestrian accidents are fatal.

A combination of a vehicle’s strong force and a pedestrian’s inability to avoid the impact usually lead to significant and life-changing injuries. Hanratty Law Group adheres to our values of justice and compassion to help our clients recover from this painful experience.

Following An Accident, Seek Prompt Legal Assistance

Medical treatment for your resulting injuries can be expensive. Even with a moderate injury like whiplash, a personal injury claim may be essential for making your treatment affordable.

The attorneys at Hanratty Law Group work with professionals in medical, economic and scientific fields to build a strong case for justice on behalf of the client. We can also consult accident reconstruction specialists, who may provide testimony to illustrate another party’s responsibility for the accident in question.

Available To Serve Summerlin And Las Vegas Families

The effects of a pedestrian accident can ripple throughout your family. As your dedicated lawyers, we can help you pursue an outcome that can help you and your family recover and move forward in life. Call us at 702-570-9287 or complete our online contact form to learn about your rights and chances of obtaining compensation.