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Advocating For Justice After A Catastrophic Injury

The attorneys at Hanratty Law Group are experienced in all areas of personal injury claims. Unfortunately, our clients often come to us in the aftermath of injuries that might change the course of their lives.

At Hanratty Law Group, we are selective in the cases we take, accepting those most appropriate for our law practice. This allows us to give each client the time and attention they need to achieve the best possible settlement. After a catastrophic injury, we want to help you move forward in life, taking into account physical, emotional and financial aspects of your recovery.

Our attorneys are committed to representing your needs and interests. We will stand up to the responsible party and its insurance company! We will work to ensure that they recognize their responsibility! We will communicate to them the impact that the accident has had on your life and family! In every personal injury case, Hanratty Law Group strives to present the most compelling arguments to obtain the maximum level of compensation for you.

Valuing A Claim For Severe Injury Or Wrongful Death

An injury is considered catastrophic when a client requires long-term medical treatment or extensive rehabilitation. This definition also includes injuries that are likely permanent or lead to a disability.

Common forms of serious injuries include:

  • Significant back, neck and spinal cord injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Permanent nerve damage
  • Chronic and endless pain
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Amputation
  • Traumatic brain injury (head injury)
  • Loss of life or bodily functions, such as the ability to speak, breath, see or hear

To calculate the value of any given injury, our law firm often consults with numerous experts, such as surgeons, occupational therapists and life care therapists who can fully assess and identify your health status. We may also seek testimony from economic experts to estimate the costs of future care, accommodations and lost income. In extreme cases, our firm turns to long-term nursing experts to calculate the costs of all such future treatment.

Serious Cases Require A Professional Approach

In addition to medical costs, Hanratty Law Group will also seek recovery for you and your family’s loss of the injured party’s ability to work, the already endured and future pain and suffering, and loss of consortium to a spouse. We approach these cases with passion and respect for your needs. Get a consultation by calling 702-570-9287 or by briefly summarizing your accident and injury with our contact form.