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Personal injury and family law attorneys

Protecting You And Your Family Personal injury and family law attorneys

Focused And Experienced

Being injured or having a legal issue involving your family can be some of the most trying challenge you experience, and they demand singular focus. At Hanratty Law Group, we deal exclusively with personal injury and family law matters with attorneys who are each dedicated specifically to one of the two fields. The attorney who represents you will be experienced in the law related to your particular concerns and needs.

Whatever your issue may be – car accident, catastrophic injury, divorce or child custody – we will put our wealth of knowledge to work on your behalf.

Practice Areas

Dedicated and compassionate Las Vegas family law and personal injury attorneys who can fight for you.

Negotiation Or Litigation According To Your Goals

We are committed to resolving your legal issues with the most financially and long-term beneficial results. We focus on your needs. If you were injured in an accident, we will not minimize your damages to ensure we get paid quicker. You are our number one priority and we will fight for you. If your family is facing the pain of divorce or domestic violence, we prefer to address your concerns in the most cost-effective way while preserving your rights and protecting your children. This does not mean our lawyers compromise on quality – it means that we are always looking for solutions that leave you with the resources you need for the other parts of your life. If your case does require aggressive litigation, we are experienced and dedicated to obtaining results.

Personalized Attention

You will never be just a case number to us. From the moment you walk into our office, you will deal directly with one of our attorneys who will develop a deep understanding of your situation and concerns. This foundation of trust and personal representation is the basis of all of our client relationships, and we take great pride in our relationship with each client.

We are known for our high standards of professionalism, efficiency, confidentiality and personal attention.

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