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What is spousal support?

The end of a Nevada marriage can be traumatic on the parties. As they work to sort out the important matters of deciding who will take what property and where their children will live, they may feel the stresses that come with losing the financial security of breaking up a marital relationship. This can be especially true for individuals who stop working when they get married to raise their families.

What are the elements of a slip-and-fall claim?

Slip-and-fall cases fall under the category of premises liability law and, in Nevada, these lawsuits are considered personal injury cases. Whether a tourist trips over a rug in a fancy hotel on the Strip or a neighbor slips on a wet pathway on a person's property, a slip and fall can be a significant event that can cause serious and long-term injuries.

Nevada slip-and-fall claim basics

A slip-and-fall accident can happen on just about any surface that is wet, slippery or poorly maintained. Sometimes these accidents seem silly on TV or in movies, but in reality, they often lead to serious injuries that can require costly medical care. If a negligent party was responsible for a slip and fall accident, legal action should be taken.

What duties do drivers have to prevent car accidents?

It seems as though a Las Vegas resident cannot turn on the local news without hearing about another dangerous and often life-claiming accident on a local road or highway. Car accidents are incredibly common and are a frustrating cause of personal injuries because they should be preventable. If drivers exercised reasonable care in the execution of their driving duty, then many collisions could be prevented.

Understanding both legal and physical custody pursuant to divorce

Ending a marriage is difficult on the partners who have chosen to break their legal relationship. However, it's especially hard on their kids. All across Nevada and right here in Las Vegas families are doing their best to normalize their lives in the wake of divorce and separation. Bringing order to children's lives after a divorce can greatly depend on how custodial matters are organized by their parents and the court.


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