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Family Law

Reasons to modify a child custody order

These are very trying times, and with things constantly changing, this could greatly impact the child custody arrangement divorced parents in Nevada have in place. Whether parents mutually agreed on custody or child custody was ordered by the court, these terms must...

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Spousal support considerations in Nevada

Do you have concerns about supporting yourself after divorce? You may want to consider requesting Nevada alimony.  Alimony, often called spousal support, refers to court-ordered payments made by one former spouse to another for a set time period.  Types of alimony You...

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Learning to co-parent is a must

After your Nevada divorce has been granted by the court, you will be left to the rest of your life. One aspect of this life that you will need to adjust to is co-parenting children with the person from whom you were just divorced. This is not always easy, but with the...

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