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Facial injuries and car crashes

Some serious injuries that auto accident victims endure include back injuries, broken bones, spinal cord injuries and brain trauma, but there are many other ways in which motor vehicle wrecks can leave people hurt. For example, some people may suffer facial injuries, which can be difficult for multiple reasons. Not only can these accidents generate a lot of physical pain and discomfort, but they can also bring significant financial consequences (such as medical costs) and leave victims devastated due to disfigurement and scarring. For some people, such as actors and models, facial injuries can be particularly upsetting.

Three things to do before leaving the scene of a car crash

Even though you practice safe driving habits, you may still find yourself involved in a car crash. Car crashes can be terrifying experiences, and sometimes, drivers are uncertain about the first actions they should take immediately following a crash. However, some of the actions you take at the scene of the crash can help you later on with an insurance claim or a potential lawsuit.

When does a pedestrian have the right of way?

As a pedestrian on Nevada streets, you need to be careful and always follow the law to ensure your own safety. You cannot rely on drivers to watch out for you. You are the most vulnerable on a roadway because you have no vehicle to protect you, so in the event of an accident, it is your life at stake. Knowing, understanding and following the rules about the right of way can help you stay safe.

Can a dog attack impact your life after the incident?

As a resident of Nevada who has ended up as the victim in an unexpected dog attack, you may struggle with many issues in both the short and long term. We at the Hanratty Law Group are here to help you understand the reaching consequences of an attack and get you the help you need to start moving forward again.

Distracted driving: Not always cell phones

By now you probably know that using your cell phone while driving can be incredibly dangerous. However, there are many other ways people drive distracted that could put you in just as much danger. Distracted driving causes many car accidents and it does not always mean texting while driving.


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