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Nevada saw a high rate of fatal motorcycle accidents in 2016

Motorcycling is the primary mode of transportation for some Nevadans who want to leave less of a carbon footprint, enjoy the savings at the gas pump, or who simply find riding a fun way to get from point A to point B. Whatever the reason, it is important to recognize that motorcyclists are in a vulnerable position while on the road. Not only does a motorcycle lack the structural protection offered by an automobile, but they also weigh significantly less than an automobile. This means that in a crash between a motorcyclist and an automobile, the motorcyclist could be gravely injured or even killed.

Is ride-sharing safe for Nevadans?

Ride-sharing services, like Uber and Lyft, are growing in popularity in Nevada and nationwide. Not only are they convenient for those who don't own a car or don't wish to drive, but it is hoped that they will cut down on distracted driving and drunk driving. However, has the rise in ride-sharing services really made our roads safer?

Nevada parents can help their children thrive post-divorce

When parents in Las Vegas divorce, one of their primary concerns may be how the divorce will affect their child. They will want to make sure their child feels safe, happy and loved despite the failed marriage. There are many steps parents can take to ensure that their child thrives post-divorce.

Salmonella outbreak jeopardizes Thanksgiving

Contaminated turkeys making people sick sounds like a worst-case scenario just before Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, that's exactly what's happening. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), more than 150 people have become ill from a turkey-borne strain of salmonella, and at least one person has died. These cases have been reported across the country and the source has yet to be identified. So, what can you do to be safe? And what legal options do you have if you or your family members become seriously ill? 

Understanding when spousal support may come to an end

Spousal support can be an important part of a divorcing party's financial future. As it is intended to provide a Las Vegas resident with the money they need to start their life as a single person and prepare themselves to become self-sufficient, spousal support is often needed by many to get their post-divorce lives on track. However, not all forms of spousal support last forever. Recipients of spousal support should understand when it may end.

Mother of three dies after Las Vegas accident

Crossing a busy street can be a harrowing experience for a person on foot. Even when there is a crosswalk, a pedestrian may find difficulties getting from one side of a street to another without putting themselves in the path of a dangerous moving vehicle. Taking precautions, using traffic signals, and walking in crosswalks are all important steps to take to limit the chance of suffering a pedestrian accident.


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