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Understanding when spousal support may come to an end

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2018 | Family Law |

Spousal support can be an important part of a divorcing party’s financial future. As it is intended to provide a Las Vegas resident with the money they need to start their life as a single person and prepare themselves to become self-sufficient, spousal support is often needed by many to get their post-divorce lives on track. However, not all forms of spousal support last forever. Recipients of spousal support should understand when it may end.

First, spousal support agreements or orders may have end dates included in them. That is, a spousal support agreement may stipulate that a payer will provide support for a certain number of years, or an order may mandate that spousal support stop when the recipient of the support had completed their education. Individuals should look to their controlling spousal support documents to see if an end point is included therein.

Second, spousal support may end if a person engages in certain activities. If a spouse who is receiving support chooses to remarry then their ex may not be required to provide them with ongoing support. Additionally, a paying spouse may petition to have a spousal support order terminated if the relative financial positions of the parties change.

For some people, spousal support may be a life-long commitment between two formerly married individuals. When age, illness, or disability prevents a person from going back to work, their ex may be required to support them indefinitely. Knowing when one’s spousal support obligation will end is important for their future financial planning, and readers with more questions about spousal support are encouraged to talk with their family law advisors.