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Understanding liability when a dog attacks a child

For many Nevada residents, dogs are an important part of their families. While animals can provide love and companionship to the humans who care for them, including a dog in one's family is a big responsibility. Individuals who choose to have dogs as pets should take steps to ensure that their animals are prepared to encounter strangers and stay safe in different environments.

Building a legal case against a drunk driver

Lapses in judgment, distractions, and a host of other factors can draw drivers' attention off the road and cause them to create dangerous situations for others. When drivers fail to exercise care to others, they may be held liable for losses they cause victims through personal injury lawsuits. It is often the case that when a driver gets behind the wheel of their car after drinking alcohol and causes an accident, they will be held responsible for the victim's pain, suffering, and harm.

Legal support and guidance for your Nevada divorce

When a marriage begins to unravel, a person may be left in a world of uncertainty. The relationship that they vowed would last forever may be crumbling around them and they may be unsure of how to protect themselves and their kids. Divorce is hard on people and can force them to confront issues that are difficult and unpleasant.

What is distracted driving and how can you detect it?

Driving to and from work is part of your daily life. But, being on the road so often can also be dangerous. Other people commuting may not be as responsible as you and may be in a rush on the way to work. Some people may finish putting on their makeup or eating breakfast in the car on the way to work. Doing these activities while driving can lead to serious accidents. If you were hit by another car on the road, chances are the driver could have been distracted.

Negligence can cause serious motorcycle collisions

Although riding a motorcycle is a big thrill for many Nevada residents, it can also be a dangerous activity when other drivers fail to notice them. Motorcycle accidents can leave riders with serious and even life-threatening injuries. In some cases, the harm that they sustain is due solely to the negligence of other drivers.

Ways that a dangerous product may be deemed defective

Defective products can introduce a host of dangers into the homes of victims who are unfortunate enough to acquire them. This post will discuss three of the ways that a product may be deemed defective and, therefore, subject to legal sanction if it causes consumers injuries. Victims of dangerous products may have rights to compensation for their losses and can seek the help of personal injury attorneys to prepare their cases.


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