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Negligence can cause serious motorcycle collisions

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury |

Although riding a motorcycle is a big thrill for many Nevada residents, it can also be a dangerous activity when other drivers fail to notice them. Motorcycle accidents can leave riders with serious and even life-threatening injuries. In some cases, the harm that they sustain is due solely to the negligence of other drivers.

For example, motorists who operate standard vehicles like cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles may struggle to notice smaller motorcycles when they are out on the roads. Drivers who fail to see motorcycles may not respect them when they have the right of way and may cause collisions with motorcycles that were following traffic laws.

Also, when motorists fail to recognize the presence of motorcycles, they may forget to check for them before making maneuvers with their vehicles. Drivers must check their blind spots before they change lanes, but an unfortunate number of individuals simply check their mirrors before swerving into different spots. This dangerous practice could cause a collision with a motorcycle that may be too small to appear in the side mirrors of larger automobiles.

A motorcyclist who is involved in a collision with a car may suffer serious injuries even if they take important safety precautions, such as wearing a helmet and protective apparel. They may have rights to seek compensation for their losses and to recover their damages. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident caused by another driver, it may be wise to contact an attorney to discuss the possibility of filing a claim for damages.